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Ever since Social Media went mainstream, we have been using the term FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO: that moment when you?re happily scrolling by photos and posts from others and WHAM! Gut punch!!!!?

Let these experiences be your teacher.

In a mindset explanation way, all that has happened is that seeing someone else?s good news or announcement has triggered a thought in our mind. And obviously, that thought created a pretty crappy emotion!

I was in FOMO hell a bit this week as I was reminded that I had some remnants of not so confident thoughts getting my attention.?

That is why this is a good thing. I can decide what to believe every single time. This experience was a nice reminder of that fact.?

It felt like a mini roller coaster ride, an event was happening this week for some coach colleagues of mine and I felt LEFT OUT (even though I powerfully decided on No, this time), like I was less than (even though I?m doing my own thing and loving it), felt like I was doing it wrong (even though I was in the middle of the week watching my clients: transforming, getting new business, feeling better, taking powerful action).?

FOMO has nothing to do with the truth. Can you see it from my example above. (Truth in parenthesis)


You can?t change what you can?t see. Don?t look away when you feel FOMO, get real with your mind and look at what you?re believing. What is the thought error that you need to let go??

Because I bravely stayed with myself during these moments (even though I wanted to hide), I had an amazing week.?

And I was glowing with gratitude for what IS AMAZING and going on in my own life AND was so genuinely thrilled for my colleagues. As they rounded out their event Saturday night I LOVED the pictures and found myself so, so proud of each and every one of them.?

That is the miracle of thought work.?

What Thought Error can you let go of??

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