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CHORUS from ?What a Feeling? from Flashdance

What a feeling, bein’s believin’

I can’t have it all, now I’m dancin’ for my life

Take your passion, and make it happen

Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life



Ok, I am dating myself. But this movie, made an impact on me.

I was working out at my favorite Fitness Studio this past week. ?What a Feeling? was playing. We were getting us psyched up as we did yet another group of squats with a barbell on our shoulders. I almost started crying as I watched my body in the mirror remembered how that song used to make me feel. ?That song always triggered a wish: to be a dancer and to be thin! Oh I wanted to be thin.

Why I started crying is my eye caught the shape of my leg??..seriously I finally SAW my body without the negative filter. ?Wow, that?s a pretty muscle right there lady, and look at that strong you are!? I just smiled and thought, now THAT is awesome and a little new.

Awesome that I see my body more clearly, I don?t make much of my soft inner thigh or cellulite on my legs ANYMORE. I see it as a strong, amazing body that waited for way too many years for me to see the good it was always offering me.

What?s my point? Don?t wait until the end of your weight loss journey to love the amazing body you have and the amazing person you are. You can start loving your bod and yourself right now. AND it just might be the key to getting what you most want, to get thin and healthy. In fact from personal experience, it is the key.

We judge ourselves so harshly and this is causing ourselves SO MUCH UNNECESSARY PAIN!!

Why are we judging ourselves because of the tissue on our body, the cellulite on legs, the softness in our stomach, etc? When these amazing vessels that we?re given can give birth and nurse children, walk thousands of steps each day, heal when injured, and carry us through life for decades. Amazing, right?

Don?t waste another minute of unappreciative thinking about your body & YOU.

  • Stop the Beatings Now!!! Don?t give yourself permission for one more minute to beat yourself up, about anything. You cannot beat yourself thin.
  • Decide if you want to put the energy needed into losing weight now. Make a decision, yes or no. Accept the decision with peace, without any regret. There is a season for everything.
  • Appreciate: Take a moment every morning to note a reason that you appreciate your body & the amazing person that you are.

?What would you be without your weight struggle and all that negative self talk?? What new amazing things could you be working on without the struggle in the forefront of your mind all the time? That?s what I?d love to help you to find out.

Join me for a Free Power Mini Session. 30 minutes of coaching, questions and an opportunity to develop 3 steps to get started that are designed just for you. Click here to schedule, just choose your time zone and a slot that works for you and I?ll call you at the appointed time.

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