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I have a pit in my stomach. I?ve put off my favorite ?writing time? (I truly love writing every am) and as I?m writing this I?m almost shaking. What the heck? What?s up in my head?

I have created 2 things I?m thrilled to be bringing you. (Podcast and a new Free Mini MasterMind) Info Below.

And I noticed some delaying on my part, and some avoidance.

What?s up?

Oh this feels like judgment.

When I look at my thoughts I realize I am judging myself for not getting the podcast out sooner.

And do you know what that creates? More delay.

Well, hell with that mind, I am not allowing you to judge me. I?m bringing some powerful work into the world and I am NOT going to let your fake sense of protection. Yes sometimes you have to get sassy with the thoughts in your head.

When you look at them with curiosity, they lose their full power. You can identify the actual thoughts. Give it a shot. They aren?t usually pretty when I?m feeling this way.

Those thoughts look like:

?you?re not doing it right? ?You are so lame because you were going to launch in October?, ?you?re not doing it fast enough?

First those thoughts feel awful. No good can come of them.

Second, what do I do when I feel those emotions and believe those thoughts. I pull back and make cookies and say oh you just need a full day off, don?t write today. But truly I want to be writing today and early tomorrow morning.

Do not let your mind be a jerk. Talk back to it.

This bears repeating.

This is the process.

  1. Notice some procrastinating, not enjoying the activities you normally do, sliding things over in your calendar often.
  2. Ask what you?re feeling. What is the emotion? Is it good, bad, heavy, buzzy, fast, slow. Sad, anxious. Name it.
  3. Why? What am I feeling this way? What?s up?
  4. Question those thoughts. Do I want to believe this?
  5. This is a fabulous question. Try it, I?m doing it right now and my heart is feeling lighter, but still emotional. There is no magic bullet of moving from judgment and sadness to WOO HOO excitement. But I do feel better?

ASK this question: What would you be, without this thought? What would it feel like?

Now get back to that powerful and beautiful work in the world. Your clients are waiting for you, your team and loved ones need you.


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