I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

OK, I know failure (at least in my mind) doesn?t belong in a sentence that also includes fun.? But there was a time that I actually did think failure was fun.

In 7th grade, I decided to stop being a mediocre student and decided to dive in and see how I could excel at school. I decided to be a learner.? I wasn?t focused on the grades, I was focused…on what was at hand. I had no expectations, I just dug in, did my homework, was engaged and truly started enjoying school. When I made mistakes, I asked questions.? I wasn?t focused on the targeted result of the grade, I was focused on the doing and learning and enjoying my school day.?

THEN, I received all A?s even some A+?s.? EVERYONE noticed. My teachers wrote these beautiful notes on my report card about how engaged I was.? My parents noticed and were so pleased. I?m sure they were wondering how to motivate this young woman that was not applying herself, was a huge procrastinator, and very distracted.

I loved the attention, and gradually all throughout school as I finished my Senior Year I was more focused on the grade.? No fault of my own, as this was the focus for getting into my dream college and the way the system was set up. Right?

It worked for me until it didn?t. ?Good grades opened some doors for me, but I was focused on the grades only and I realized I wasn?t having any fun anymore.??

But this habit lingered.? When I opened my business in 2014, I wanted all A?s. ? Problem was, I was new to business ownership and coaching.? But I still wanted all the A?s AND RIGHT AWAY. This was not helpful.? I would try things and judge myself harshly if I failed.? What did I do wrong? I?m an A Student I wanted to scream. I?m smart!? What am I doing wrong?

Nothing!!!! But I felt like the failures meant this was NEVER going to work.? It also created a lot of misery.

My focus was simply in the wrong place.? I?d forgotten that failure was part of the process.? I forgot in some of those tough moments how much I loved coaching and loved business building.??

Now, as I?m nurturing this profitable, 6 figure business, I?m getting better at trying new things, stepping into new situations that will serve my business.? Sometimes, it still triggers that ?I must get an A!? in me but I?m now more focused on enjoying my business and serving my clients.??

What is really phenomenal now?? I?m learning that all of the fun is in the trying, the failing, the pivoting and the NOT giving up. ?

I learned to step back into that 7th grade self (not the one that had crushes on boys BTW!!)?

I can seriously feel the vibe I did as a student in 7th grade and it is SO MUCH MORE FUN.??

I?m finding it is the fuel to growth.? I am a lot easier to live with. Even though there are serious topics being discussed, we?re laughing at what our brains offer and moving on!!!

Oh go for the A and the big goals, but my friend remember to FAIL AND HAVE FUN!!!!

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