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Are you doing a lot of dreaming around your goals?

I have dreams in my business of what is possible, do you? And the more I invest in time and my energy in believing those goals the more they actually happen.

Did you know that if you are dreaming and imagining that you?re in the beginning stages of believing in that those dreams ARE possible?

Isn?t that the best news? What you believe and allow your mind to think of, and ponder on often, is what creates the measurable results in your life.

***Where we get stuck is thinking we have to fully know the how, the steps to get there. Our beliefs create the results, belief helps us to shift, take a lot of action, make new decisions, all the little steps that create in the end the goal

I think there are different stages to a dream goal. I?ve added some questions here for you to ponder?

Dreaming–What if that was possible?

  • What would it feel like to hit this goal?
  • What makes it feel possible?
  • What makes it feel impossible?

Hopeful–Admitting that the goal IS something you want.

  • Looking at new ways you can grow: new networks, more reach outs, more calls to action, new content.
  • Investing some time focusing on planning that is directed at that goal.
  • Noticing when the brain resists and not let fear/doubt slow you down.

Inevitable–New Results are coming in towards that goal.

  • You are seeing a growth in referrals, more reach outs.
  • Your client engagements are more fun, you?re going deeper in helping them
  • You are figuring out where you might need support and keep focusing on what you?re good at and do more of that.

What is your next big and hairy goal my friend? Say it out loud, write it down somewhere. Dreaming it is the first and beautiful first step.

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