I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Does your business feel like it is happening to you?  Are you feeling overworked?

It might be time to step back just for a quick minute and look at how you’re spending your time.

Business owners build a business out of their expertise and their zone of genius.  For example, my expertise is mindset coaching, my zone of genius having a bit of an x-ray vision of my client’s thought patterns and emotions.  This helps me to ask powerful questions on the fly and to guide a powerful coaching conversation. 

If I’m not actively coaching, most of the time in my business, it is NOT much fun and my business growth suffers for it. 

Everytime I’m frustrated and overwhelmed, the culprit is spending my energy in a way that does not serve me, or my clients.  

It comes from some of our unintentional thinking.

What out for thoughts like these:

  • I can do this myself.
  • I don’t have time.
  • I should handle all the facets of my business
  • I can’t find anybody to do it well
  • If I delegate, I’ll be without enough work.


These thoughts deserve inquiry, they seem innocent but when we create an unnecessary burden on ourselves when we think in these ways.  We stop asking for help, we don’t plan our time in a way that serves us and we start feeling a bit put upon.

It’s a bit of a slip into what we were trained for in college and in our first jobs.  We were trained to be employees, willing to work hard and do everything that was asked of us.

Step back into that visionary leadership role again, just ask this question to move forward:  

If failure wasn’t even a thing, wasn’t possible, what would I be up to in my business in the next 90 days?  What support can I put in place so I can enjoy it? 

Now go have some fun while you get to work!

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