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How what we hate should get our attention…….

I hate moving.

Why do I hate it?

Why do I resist the inevitable?

My belief about moving is my hunch.

Moving is frustrating, causes me to sweat, there are always delays, it’s usually hot, there’s so much physical labor, and it always takes more time than you think. ?Uggghhh!

Well, there is that sweet relief once it is done. ?Somehow, that relief is followed by the frustration that there is still so much to do to get settled into a new environment. ?Phew!!

Yep, Moving is Hard, but guess what? ?I can do hard. ?I’ve done hard, I’ve done this moving thing so often that I’ve got this down. ?I AM really good at it. ?I really am, but you can’t hire me to move you because…..I HATE MOVING!!!!

I think it is time to stop believing my thought that I hate moving. ?Moving happens. ?Moving is a necessary evil to take a new step, start a new job, create more space or to reduce your space and expenses. ?it’s usually a really good thing. ?Right?

Why wouldn’t I be excited and focus on the positive facet of moving?

Why do I cause myself unnecessary angst by resisting it for weeks beforehand?

Resistance to something we cannot change simply causes us pain.

What do you hate? ?Are you causing yourself unnecessary pain?

Reply in the comments below;?I’d love to hear what it is for you?

Have a wonderful week! ?I’m off to help finish my son’s move by helping him to set up his space in a wonderful way!! ?now that feels oh so much better.



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