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I saw this quote in last week’s email from James Clear, and I mostly disagree. I usually soak in and agree with everything he says– James is absolutely brilliant with words, habits and mindset. He teaches me something new each week. {Yes, we’re on a first name basis–I get his secret newsletter}.

“Motivation often comes after starting, not before. Action produces momentum.”–James Clear

Yes, but really NO. Action is always created from an emotion. ALWAYS. It’s how our brain works. So I don’t believe that motivation comes after starting.

I do believe thoughts like, “I better do this.”, “I’m doing this no matter what.”, and “I’m committed.” create feelings of urgency and we start, we take that first action, that important first step.

Now what creates momentum? Not action . . . evidence.

The brain is always looking for evidence. So, when we ‘make’ ourselves take action–even though we don’t want to, even though there’s a bit of resistance– it’s not because we’re motivated, it is from this urgency created from thoughts that create that type of emotion.

But then, the brain begins to look for evidence of any thought we think. Once we DO something, even through the resistance, the brain starts thinking differently. Our mind starts offering some new thoughts to believe. “Oh I DO like working out, I feel better all day.”, “I didn’t love it, but I’m so glad I followed through.” These thoughts create positive emotion.

Momentum begins when the evidence builds.

We start building positive emotions which create a feeling of momentum or a cluster of more action. Then something beautiful happens– it becomes easier and easier, and our brain stops fighting us with resistance. {Thank goodness!}


We shift because of our mindset (cluster of thoughts). Your thoughts are doing their job of creating a feeling and then an action. The wheels start turning, more effortlessly.

Your thoughts lead to every result in your life.


How to Create Momentum ON PURPOSE

Yes, take that first step that is important to you– EVEN though it doesn’t feel great.

Start looking for WHY you love those actions.

Build a list (a mindset) of thoughts that create more neutral, and then even positive emotions.

Keep going, help your brain to look for the evidence of what is working.

Notice the resistance, lean into the thoughts that create proud, relieved, excited, happy emotions.

That’s how you can create the momentum you need to do anything you want in your life.

Don’t let resistance convince you it’s out of your power.

Become the man or woman that ______.(gets it done).

Where do you need momentum?

Get started today– it’s actually a fun process when you realize you are in charge.






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