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As I write this blog today, I?m feeling exhausted, rushed and a little out of sorts. As I ponder the why, what?s getting my attention is the lack of white space on my calendar.? I think I?ve been operating under a belief that isn?t working for me.? When making decisions on whether to travel, to say yes to social engagements or to networking/business opportunities, if the calendar is white, the answer is YES.? I love that about me, my willingness to jump in and do more??but is this FOR me, is this best?

Hmmmm, how do I know that this isn?t working for me? ?I?m craving a day off, I miss watching a bit of “no brain TV,” I miss the book I was digging into, I miss grocery shopping/preparing meals, I miss????ME.

Why?do I fill the “blank spots?”

I don?t think there is one clear thought. In fact, there are a few. When I get quiet and exhale a bit and quietly ponder…

Why do I fill my calendar to the brim?



  • I?m willing to work hard in my business.
  • I am afraid of missing an opportunity
  • Ugghhh?..because I think if I?m busy I?m successful. (Really?)
  • I should? ?(why?)

Awareness is a beautiful thing but there is a part of me that wants to pull the trigger, cancel a few things and just check out….

Instead,?I?m going to follow my own advice and stay in awareness mode this week and watch my decision making as it relates to my calendar.? As I crave more white space, I?m going to see what I can change on my calendar.? (Yes, you can change your mind!!)

There are some things I can do now that feel really good and I think will help me shift my thinking here.

  • Stop saying yes so quickly.
  • Take a “fly-over view” of your calendar and check out the overbooked spots.
  • Make sure your priorities are on your calendar.
  • If seeing white space on your calendar gives you a jolt, (It does for me), then?ask, “Why?”
  • Take some quiet time a few mornings this week, and see how you feel about how you?re using your time.

I learned so much this week watching my week, what did you learn? I’m coming to some surprising conclusions………..STAY TUNED.

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