I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Are the days blending together for you? I noticed last week that as Saturday rolled around that I was in work/hustle mode and just didn?t want to stop focusing on my To Do List. My CEO put a stop to it after a productive and full Saturday morning and told me I had to take the rest of the weekend off. And I am so glad I did. (Sometimes my CEO is kinda bossy, is yours?)

There are times that I buy into the belief that I need to?work all of the time?to create what I desire in my business (client growth and impact).

But as the leader of my business, I had to literally put a stop to the 5.5 day work week and?shut down my work brain.

What I am?craving is momentum, growth without so much effort. I think I?m onto something and I want to share it with you here.

My mind says?I create momentum by thinking about my work every minute and working a lot of hours.?

That type of work style does NOT create momentum,?it creates burnout.?I?ve been here before?..

I?m starting to understand what truly does create momentum and I want to remind you of this as well.

Momentum = A Grounded Belief in your Future Goals + Calm, Present Moment Focus

Checking into both of these ways of thinking about your business creates growth. It draws your future dreams, plans and goals and brings them into a present focus where the true action takes place.?

I realized I can drop into this space by asking one simple question:?

In light of my future goals, what can I do now to support them??

That?s why I stopped working on Saturday?..my husband deserved my attention, I want to create a future where we continue to have a strong relationship. My brain needed the rest and when I woke up on Monday, lo and behold, I was ready to get back at it and had a very productive Monday.?

There are some resources that have helped me to create momentum and growth in my mindset here.?

For present moment focus I recommend,?The Practicing Mind?by Thomas Sterner. He has helpful resources on his website as well.?

For future unlimited thinking I?m reading?The Big Leap?by Gay Hendricks. He talks a lot about our Zone of Genius and Upper Limits and how to bust through them.?


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