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Decision making is on for public display right now, am I right?

AND in all of this time of uncertainty, I don?t know about you, but I feel better once those decisions are made. Even if I don?t like them.

You have SO many decisions to make, this week, maybe even more than usual. It?s overwhelming. You want to feel certain and clear.

Stop right now as the leader you are (I see you there) and decide.

The only thing that is causing you angst is living in self doubt and second guessing. The only thing that is necessary is to decide.

Clarity & Certainty come from the act Deciding.

It?s not the other way around. We do not create certainty by waiting for it to arrive and then making a decision from there.

It seems like it but it isn?t true. Think of something on your plate right now that you haven?t made a decision on yet. It is filling your brain with all of that information, angst and clutter. No more waiting…….certainty comes from you calmly and confidently making your decision.

So??.think about it just one more time. Decide. Move on.

That feels better, doesn?t it?

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