I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I had the most amazing weekend, I had a different week in my world. Instead of spreading out my tasks all week and having a mixed focus each day I had 2 days of coaching and 3 days in a powerful course on business development. (stay tuned I?ll be sharing these resources)

My mind loved it, good to know.

This was a powerful formula for me. I am realizing that blocking bigger blocks of time around similar tasks might be really good for my ADD brain. I also learned I have the capacity for a lot of work in one day and it was fun!!!!

I want to continue the conversation of certainty. I learned this past year in a new powerful, full on way to believe in my goals. To go from zero evidence of my goals to literally creating what I wanted in my business. This is the power of mindset-applied to your real life. It?s creating powerful results in all facets of my life and my clients? lives.

This year has brought a lot of C?s (circumstances) that are triggering a lot of T?s (thoughts and beliefs) around what is possible in our lives this year.

Certainty is a mindset. The CoVid pandemic has not brought us uncertainty, our thoughts about it have. And many of these thoughts are doing damage to our well-being.

Your brain is designed to look for danger, it’s a powerful warning system. It?s overdoing it my friends. Our minds need management. You?re not doing it wrong, there is a skill/practice to this work.

Think on purpose about your life, do not join collective thinking that creates fear. You don?t have to stop watching the news to create this, you do have to be onto what you?re believing about your current situation.

You can train your brain to live in certainty. Not pie in the sky mentality where there is only dreaming and no action, but dream planning, planning in a way that we believe that the goals we?re craving to create ARE POSSIBLE.

Start Here:

  • What is ONE thought you have that is creating emotions that are not supporting you?
  • Get curious with it? What is another way I could think about this that creates a better response/feeling?
  • What thoughts support me in this life where our routines have changed?

Cheering you on, my friend.

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