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For many of us the discussion of self-esteem occurs in the same sentence where we discussing the struggle of weight loss.? I know it did for me.? I may not have called it self-esteem at the time but it was pretty clear to me that I would feel better about myself WHEN I lost the weight.? What if you could start feeling good about yourself now?? What if that IS the key to permanent weight-loss? ?What if we looked at what is hurting our self-esteem FIRST, giving ourselves a boost towards natural weight-loss?

Let me explain.? If you?ve been struggling with your weight, don?t like what is in the mirror, feel like a pitiful failure because for goodness sake you can?t lose weight (and keep it off), then I can make a pretty safe bet, you aren?t feeling that good, most of the time.

Our thoughts quickly create emotions.

Read these common thoughts/beliefs that come up when I coach people like myself ~ like yourself ~ when we discuss weight loss, work and life.

  • I?m not enough.
  • I don?t belong here.
  • I?m broken.
  • I?m unwanted.
  • I can?t do anything right.
  • I?m so stupid.
  • I?m so ugly.

How do you even feel reading these, uggggh right?

When you feel despondent, sad, discouraged, what do you usually do as a reaction?? This isn?t a rhetorical question, take a second to answer this.

What type of results do you get in your life thinking thoughts like these?

which-comes-first-self-esteem-or-weight-lossIt may seem difficult to turn around, we might try a mantra, we might try the super man pose and say, I?ve got this, I?m amazing.? And for a time this works.? But that sneaky brain of ours loves the familiar and tempts us with those old yucky beliefs.

I?ve found another beautiful way to help my clients turn these old beliefs around to begin to create the life they want, to create an encouraging emotional space, one that creates beautiful action.? Because, again this isn?t rhetorical, how do you react when you feel happy, encouraged, positive, proud?

The key to this turn around is to start asking better questions.

Pick one that resonates with you and get your brain working on that turn around.

  • What makes me proud?
  • What are my unique contributions here?
  • How can I make healthy eating more fun?
  • How could this be easy?
  • What is my body yearning to do?
  • What feels most like love?

Pick one, yep not rhetorical and maybe you have one of your own.

Put it on a sticky note and ask your brain to go to work on creating a new self-esteem story in your life.? If you?re an emotional over-eater, you?ve just taken a HUGE percentage of overeating OFF the table.

Want some help developing your own powerful question?

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Take a leap and discover permanent weight loss, body respect and love from the inside out!

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