I have big goals for 2020, and I know you do as well. I know how to help you get there.


You’ve had it all along, it’s your mindset.

Mindset is simply a set of beliefs. But like anything else, your mindset, your mind, needs to be directed and managed. Your brain thinks and believes 60,000 thoughts a day. You can choose more carefully the ones to believe. That is the essence of this workshop.

There are 3 types of mindset work that we’ll cover:

AWARENESS–This is the step of learning how to get out of your own way. In this workshop you will learn to quickly identify the thoughts that impact, direct and influence your actions.

SHIFTING–Once we’re aware, we can move into more intentional thinking. This is where we build belief, so that we can create new results. This is all about hitting bigger goals, creating better relationships and stepping into new arenas and creating confidence.

SUPERTHINKING–We created our businesses with this tool and creativity. Now I will teach you how to create a practice of dipping into your own wisdom on a regular basis. This is how you step into the role of expert with your clients, solving their issues quickly and creating new products/systems/solutions that serve your growing business.

Join your peers in an intimate workshop/retreat day that promises to inspire, stretch and challenge you in the best way possible.

Courage, Clarity, Confidence 

How will the day proceed?

We’ll gather in the am and introduce ourselves and discuss Mindset as a Group.


The AM will be spent learning the Thought Model, the main coaching tool I use to create awareness with myself and my clients.


As we work together through the morning, I will help you to identify your obstacle thought.  The one ‘go to’ thought that your brain lands on that slows you down.


As we round the noon hour, I will share with you the keys to moving from awareness to intention.  This is when we use The Thought Model to create a new result. 


We’ll continue coaching, discussing and digesting this info.  Giving you plenty of time to fully apply it to your business, your way of thinking and your life.


Lunch is provided for at Roam.  (I don’t have final details but I’m hoping to have a guest speaker at noon)


We are going to round out the afternoon, answering all of the questions you have around application and move into Super Thinking. This is when you learn how to intentionally apply your thinking to a creative process.  Many of you already do this, now it is time to see the power and learn to do this as a practice.  


I am hosting a reception after our day together, details to be announced.


This is going to be an epic day for you and for your business.