I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I want to share something exciting with you.

As business owners, as leaders, you can create whatever you put your mind to.

But I want to warn you of something.

Your brain will want to know HOW? This happens more often when you’re in a new venture, or have set a new up-level goal. But sometimes, getting stuck in the details of HOW is helpful, but most times it is not.

Just let this sink in:

“Your job isn?t to know the how, it?s to know the what and to be open to discovering and receiving, the how.” Jen Sincero author of the ‘You Are a BadAss’ books and calendars.

How do you know your mind is stuck on the HOW?

  • You?re asking others what to do next.
  • You?re waiting until you are inspired and sure.
  • You?re making a business plan for the entire year that doesn?t allow for shifts & modifications.
  • If you try something and it doesn?t work, you stop taking action altogether.
  • You?re getting stuck on a decision about what to do

Knowing HOW to do something does not create your new, next level result.

Thinking and believing differently about yourself does.


How you obtained your current level of success was believing in yourself no matter what. You simply do it again with a new set of circumstances and obstacles.

Your growth from being a new owner to now a successful owner, for example, required you to let go of some crappy, unintentional thinking. (For example, Remember when you used to say you had to do it all by yourself? You got over that and leaned into resources and building a team so you could get to that next level.)

You had the courage to start the business, that?s what brought you right here. Amazing!

You tapped your own resources, you came up with brilliant ideas to get right here. Remember that?

When we are at what feels like a new place, our minds will want to know how to do the next. This is our mind looking for confidence.

Confidence comes from our thoughts, not the plan of how.

You only need to take action on what you know right now.

  • What is working now? Keep doing that?
  • What worked in the past, stay with it until it doesn?t.
  • What do you WANT to be doing in your business, try that.

Don?t forget how brilliant and genius your mind is that brought you to this point, everything that you?re made of, your life experiences, your courage, your working through past obstacles. THAT is what will create your next dream result.

Carry on business warrior!!!


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