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I turned into the New Year feeling some yucky feelings. It happens. I don?t know about you but I wasn?t feeling so great as I started the first few weeks of the year. I didn?t have much margin during the holidays to experience down time. I had a good Christmas but Oh so busy.

Body Wisdom

I was doing my circuit class with my favorite folk (shout out to Witzlib Studio in the ATL) on Monday night processing my day. My turn to throw the medicine ball into the ground and I was loving it. Oh, I mean trying to put some cracks in the concrete floor loving it. I felt like I was smashing all those feelings to the ground. And then a wise statement from Susan Hyatt rang in my head. ?If you?re feeling bad, whatever you are thinking is NOT true.? It felt amazing!!! I realized I was thinking some pretty dark thoughts about dynamics in my life and family and it just wasn?t true.

Sometimes when you?re moving your bod? you get some wisdom. Did you know that?

What is your body wisdom telling you this week?

Mine is telling me?

?that resting is good but sitting still all day is NOT!!

?that drinking wine on an empty stomach creates an opportunity to overeat in the evenings and makes me WAY too sleepy for my own good at night.

?that my body wants to run again but gently and is not so interested in how many miles I run.

?that keeping a lot of fresh food in the house is a really good thing.

?that yoga is better than making an appointment for a massage.

?that more water, less caffeine serves me.

?that it?s glad I am getting my heart healthy. It?s having a lot more fun at the gym.

?that putting myself to bed at night is a really good thing.

What is your body saying?

Seriously, take a deep breath and list 3 things that your body is saying it wants. Sometimes, it is a bit of whisper? what is your bod? asking of you right now?


Did the answers surprise you?

Are you willing to respond to your body wisdom?

Let me know what you came up with.

Until next week,

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