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Well hello, friend. I?m writing this after a week of ups and downs that were truly of my own making, and realized I just can ask better questions. As well, I am sharing 2 previous articles if you missed them. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND. You?re doing a great job!!!!!!

I realize that my mind was getting stuck on all of the wrong questions this past week. It created some drama.

  • What if my business doesn?t make it?
  • What if I?m working too much?
  • What if I don?t pull my weight at home during this quarantine?
  • What if all my hard work doesn?t pay off in business growth?
  • What if this quarantine is truly through most of the summer?

To be honest that felt awful. I had an emotional crash and burn last night. Decided to ask some better questions and even pay closer attention to my mind going forward.

Remember: Our brain loves to answer questions.

Wrong questions. Wrong answers.

I leave you with these for the weekend?..

  • Where are you showing up strong?
  • What great thing happened today?
  • What is one intention I can set today?
  • What is one unique thing about you that makes you laugh?

Remember!!!!!! I have never seen a group of people more resilient, more caring, more on fire than the entrepreneurs and business owners out there.?

Remember how badass and awesome you are RIGHT NOW in this very moment.

I wrote these articles just for you, if you missed them in the last week. Here you go!!

I talked about roller coasters in the past 2 articles, if you missed them they are right here:

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