I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

In a recent consult I was asked THE best question.

“What about AFTER we work together. How will I stay consistent? How can I maintain these changes after we are done working together?”

Coaching (the way I define it) is not giving advice or a set of steps to follow. Even as a weight loss coach, I did not tell people what to do.

THAT can be frustrating.

But this I know.

All of the diet experts TOLD me what to do, and it didn’t work. Until I changed the way I thought about myself and food.

Even my wildly successful first teacher as a coach (Brooke Castillo) told me what to do to start my business. But until I started believing that how I was building my business was the best way for me, my revenue and growth struggled.

It’s natural when you’re doing something new, to look outside of yourself for answers.

When your results, in any part of your life, don’t look like you expect, you may think you have done something wrong.

What is even more unhelpful, is your mind might land on believing that something is wrong with you. You see others achieving something you want, and think something is different about them. Your mind will come to the INCORRECT conclusion that they have something you don’t.

Nope, they are thinking differently and so can you.

There is really good news. You don’t love the results in your life? You can change those on a dime by changing how you are thinking about the situation. Sometimes these shifts are immediate, like turning a faucet on. Other times it takes a while for our mind to establish a new, more helpful pattern of thinking.


  • If you fix your thinking, the actions will follow.
  • If you allow growth and discomfort, you will do more.
  • When you realize you’re not going to die of discomfort or fear, you’ll do brave things during the coaching series AND afterward.
  • Transformation from coaching is real and sustainable.
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