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I had THE most interesting day yesterday. You could call it a bad day.

I?ve been trying new things in my business. Some of my activity has attracted invitations for podcast interviews. I had 3 podcasts interviews set and wow what a day. I kept thinking, This is working.?The way I am showing up on LinkedIn and engaging is creating these 3 powerful opportunities. My business is growing.?THIS IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY.

Well, guess what??My belief in my business was tested BIG TIME. And my mind tried to convince me all day that I was having a BAD DAY.?

You can?t make this stuff up by the way?..do read on, this is amusing.

1st interview.?The host gets stuck in his own mind drama in the middle of the interview and he stops the interview. Our conversation actually showed a powerful mindset example in real time but not sure it is show worthy. (Well that didn?t work!!!) Ugggh!

2nd podcast interview.?NO SHOW. I?m prepared and ready to go. No call to reschedule, no answer on her office line. Leave a message. Crickets. Now I?m angry, what the heck people!!!!. (Well that didn?t work, what a waste)?

3rd podcast interview.?I had been vetted by the host?s assistant, received like 4 reminders for the call. You guessed it, HE DID NOT SHOW. Now I?m REALLY frustrated, angry and disappointed. (I?m having a bad day and wow this truly isn?t working)

I now have an entire day of work and NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT!!! I?ll be honest, it felt awful. In all the ways that bad days go, it sucked.

LISTEN closely here friends.?The only reason this felt like crap is the circumstances were triggering thoughts that were?bucking my belief that the way I?m showing up is working.All those powerful thoughts at the beginning of my day got challenged. And my brain was looking for evidence with each turn that?my business is working.?

Also, my thoughts were helping me feel like a victim, like my business was in the hands of these podcast hosts.?Uh no, I am still in charge of my results, not others.

These types of days can take you out.?

Don?t let them???

And just so you know I didn?t.?I did my work. I hit reset 4-5 times.?I gave grace to the no show and rescheduled. I had an amazing coach call with a client, I got some feedback that encouraged me.?I HAD MY OWN BACK and kept moving on.?

KNOW that your core belief in the future of your business is EVERYTHING!!!

Start your days with excitement and energy. Allow the emotions that come in the twists and turns and remind yourself that YOUR BELIEF in yourself and YOUR FUTURE is everything.?

You?ll be tempted to give up after a day like I had yesterday. Oh Please don?t do that!!

Your mind will try to convince you it isn?t worth it, it isn?t working.?

Your mind requires management, when you take time to look at your thinking like you can quickly get right back on track.

What you believe matters, think and believe great thoughts.?

Circumstances do NOT create our Results.

Our Thoughts and Beliefs do.

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