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For the most part, I have been doing pretty well on the emotional front, but I?m noticing something. I am starting to really feel homesick. You know that feeling in your gut, where you are ok where you are, actually quite thankful but are missing ?home?.

And I think that is ok. I?m not morose, and that would be ok, too, BTW. But I do realize that there is a part of my human experience where I really am so thankful that I?m not ill, that I have a very sweet home to hang out in, a husband who is all in on handling the details of quarantine life, grown kids that are doing really well and a business that is open. But I?m still kinda homesick.

Feels pretty 50/50, a mix of emotions that operate on both sides of the spectrum.

One practice that I want to share, that is really supporting me during this time is sticking with my routine to journal before I go to sleep. Just half a page, processing my day. We naturally resist this practice because we think we?ll be stuck in the sad emotions or don?t want to look at them.?

I?d like to offer that this practice I started in the late fall of noting 5 things I?m grateful for, 3 things I was good at during the day and 1 thing I?d like to do differently tomorrow has been a huge support.?


It points my brain in the right direction, it looks for evidence that?s positive and grounding. It reminds me that (thank goodness) the crisis itself is not inside these walls. It reminds me that I?m hard at work and forging ahead AND it gives me a chance to set an intention for the next day.

The most powerful act of self-compassion and self-care, is just being with yourself, wherever you are.?That?s what THIS journal experience has done for me.?

Is there one practice that helps you to be ?with yourself?? Meditation in the morning, a quick yoga flow for a few minutes, a brisk walk? You do you. Remind yourself what has worked in the past or try something new.?Giving yourself time that it is just you and your mind processing your thoughts? I highly recommend it.?

We?re going to get home soon, by staying grounded in our personal experiences. FOR SURE.

A client sent me the most generous gift box this week. She gave me a journal that is too good to not share?…?These Three Things?by Lisa Anderson Shaffer. I?m only 3 pages in and the prompts have been perfect, simple and powerful.


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