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I was having a lovely conversation with one of my amazing clients and it was so awesome to see that her priorities and goals were coming into alignment. She had made a priority out of her health, wanting to make choices that would help her body to live a long full life. ?As she actively applied Hunger Scale to her life and began discovering what is her fuel, she realized she was in the middle of hitting that priority. She was coming into alignment. It?s a delicious feeling.

How do we get there? Why is it important to live within our priorities? Because when we?re NOT living the life we yearn to live, we?re wasting a lot of energy, creating a lot of negative emotion when we notice this gap. We feel like we are wasting our time and it actually steals/robs us of the joy of living our life, right now.

So how do we move from frustrating to that delicious in alignment feeling? Take some time to see what is going on in your mind.

  • Make a list of 3-5 top priorities in your life. Get quiet, these aren?t the items that SHOULD be your priorities, these are the areas in your life where you WANT to put your energy and time.
  • Now make a list where you spend your most time. Start with the most time down to the least in a list of 4-5 areas in your life.

What gets your attention, what seems inverted?

THE GOOD NEWS, if your top area where you spend your time is NOT where your priorities are, you do not have to leave your job, move or break up with anybody!!!!! But you might want to look at ways you can invest some time, just a little bit at first in an area where you find it lacking. Where are you found wanting?

What?s a person to do? How do we come more in alignment (INSTEAD OF FEELING GUILTY ABOUT THIS?)

  • If your priority is spending time with your family and you?re working a lot?..plug in a couple of ?dates? on your calendar with your spouse and/or kids.
  • If your priority is moving your body and you?re in couch potato mode, plug in a couple of play dates for yourself. Walk in the park, a visit to that gym that hasn?t seen you in a while.
  • If your priority is losing weight and getting healthy look up 3 healthy recipes or 3 healthy restaurants, or shop the fresh aisle this weekend to get you back on track.

Need More? Just email me and?I?ll send you the worksheet and can help you with this during the week.

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