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I never thought of myself as a nag, ever!!!! Well ok, maybe when I was mothering my boys when they were in their teens. But it?s not my way. And in parenting and doing life with my husband, being critical isn?t really a way I do life there either.

I was working hard on a project this past week. I had just given in a 10 hour work day, not letting up except to eat and?..you know breath. I had just returned from an invigorating and much needed workout and I was feeling kinda crummy about my day.

I could hear myself saying, ?You better work all night, when you left for your workout, you said were going to get this done and work straight through until 10.? ?You shouldn?t be resting, and watching TV, what a waste.? You know this is why things are taking so long, you?re not working hard enough.? ?You really should get back to it!? ?What is wrong with you??

All the while, I was ignoring the chatter but feeling horrible as I prepared a simple but delicious dinner for myself, was lighting a fire and putting on some adorable comfy socks and jammies. I kept going through the motions of taking care of myself, but I felt?horrible.

Not until the next morning when I read a blog about self-nagging did I realize, OMG, no wonder I felt horrible. I stopped right there and decided to be really proud of myself. ?I decided that I would keep putting in the time it takes to finish. I will take care of myself and rest and nourish myself, I will be sure I am not neglecting others while I?m focused on this project.

Whew, that felt so much better, I actually got quite a bit done that day.

Are you recognizing, listening to some negative self-chatter? When you?ve made some strides in eating healthier foods, stopping when you?re full, getting some body movement in are you wondering why you don?t ?feel? so good? Let?s be onto ourselves right then and there and be sure we aren?t nagging ourselves into a place that slows us down, beats us up and prevents us from what we most want: A healthy new amazing life and thinner life. ?I don’t know about you but when I feel crappy about myself I rarely take care of myself well with food and self-care.

Email me at diana@dianamurphycoaching.com??and I?ll send you my favorite worksheet. It can help you to get to the bottom of ?What?s Up?? when you realize you?re feeling crummy on what should be a fabulous day!!!


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