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Do you think you have to be hard on yourself and be a mean manager to be successful?

Are you afraid to let up on yourself or you?ll gain even more weight?

What if the opposite were true?

The deal is that in our best intentions of maintaining or losing weight, staying the course in working out, keeping up with our work life, some of us have turned into our own worst taskmasters.

Sound familiar?

  • Do you hit Mondays with a monster to do list and then berate yourself at 4 pm when you didn?t get enough done?
  • Do you have a lot of should conversations about how many workouts you need and how you should be pushing yourself harder at the gym?
  • Are you afraid that if you don?t berate yourself every time you see a ?bad? number on the scale that you?ll just ?let it go? and gain a ton of weight?
  • Do you return from an amazing vacation, having gained a couple of pounds, and give yourself a scolding?

The cruel justice here is we are creating a lot of crappy negative emotions, creating tension in our bodies and causing our own pain. AND if you?re anything like me an extra glass of wine, a big juicy hamburger and an ice cream sundae are look pretty good when I feel that way.

The beauty of recognizing this pattern and background conversation is that we are the mean managers and we can be fired.

How do you turn this around? Try these steps and let me know if they work for you.

Watch for any critical, harsh self-talk this week. Write it down.

Notice how you feel when you say those things to yourself.

Then notice how you react when you feel disappointed, sad, and frustrated after talking to yourself that way.

Anybody else like me and need a little comfort now? When I?m sad, frustrated and disappointed in myself, a little extra wine and some amazing treat food are in order. Also, if I know the mean manager might show up at my workout, I might not want to go.?Do you see this for you?

What are you noticing this week? Reply here and let me know, I?ll have a few tips for you in email to help you turn this around.

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