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We’re all getting back to some more normal activities, and this insight got my attention…

I have been reading Dream Big by Bob Goff. *Hardcover is on sale right now.

I LOVE dreaming big but what I didn’t realize as I read his book is that I wasn’t giving myself permission to do so. I do things big, my brain works fast, I always have a LOT of ideas, and I can SEE the possibility. It’s how I’m wired but I was becoming a little ‘ashamed’ or sheepish about this part of me.

It came from that unhelpful voice in my head.

Hey slow it down Missy, do you really think you can accomplish that?

Are you serious?

Aren’t you getting a little carried away?

You don’t have time for all of that?

You’ll never get it done.

Well Bob, through out his entire book, speaks my language and encourages me to FAN THE FLAMES of my ambitions. It has been a very freeing experience.

I gave myself permission to go all in…….again and at another level.

Do you need to give yourself permission to GO FOR IT? DO IT!!

As our businesses all begin to grow this year, as the economy wakes up a bit more… lean into what YOU want to see.

Here are Bob’s 7 steps to reduce distraction from YOUR AMBITION:

Pages 168-171 in Dream Big

  1. Make a list of your ambitions.
  2. Make a date with yourself. (Spend time with your ambitions)
  3. Make one phone call a day.
  4. Put reminders everywhere.
  5. Get some administrative help.
  6. Set incremental milestones.
  7. Write 1000 words a day

“It’s normal to get distracted. Don’t let that be your resting position. Endeavor to live an undistracted life, and you’ll see your ambitions more clearly.” Bob Goff

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