Being in your mind as an observer is your agency to whatever you want.

Diana Murphy

The Life & Mindset

Coach for Leaders

Diana Murphy, lady in black in front of book shelf

You’ve got a business to run, but you’re overwhelmed with a full plate…

… Overworking with little focus.

… Feeling frozen with a fuzzy vision.

… Waffling — and not sure what next action to take.

I get it because I’ve been there.
I’m Diana, a personal life coach for fierce leaders.

I help fuel my clients’ ability to innovate, transform, and disrupt while they create massive impact.  

A classic Chicago good girl chasing success and status.

I loved trying new things and am grateful to my mother for keeping up with all my crazy ideas and hobbies. With so many projects on the go, I’d often ignore one to move on to the next shiny project. 

I checked all the modest Midwesterner boxes. I married my best friend and fellow mover and shaker, moved from my first sales job, “selling drugs in NYC ” as my dad teased, and later moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, for a higher-level sales role. Little did I know that I’d be involved at the ground level in helping bring the StrengthsfInder to life at the Gallup organization. 

Gallup was a dream job. Neck deep in living out a culture where we celebrated strengths and emerging leaders like me had plenty of room to grow, inspiring me to become a coach.

Wild times: Birthing Babies and Businesses

Before embracing the coaching life, we welcomed two boys. It wasn’t long before I settled into a role at home, supporting my then-husband’s road warrior career. 

Being the overachiever I am, I happily raised my hand to serve as the president and leader of loads of committees. Once my boys left the nest, I realized something through those years of serving on those boards — I had a business in me. 

Who starts a business as an empty nester? Turned out that was my path. The way I saw it, I had plenty of time to succeed in my career aspirations.

After experiencing a huge transformation, I trained as a weight loss coach. I had suffered for many years, gaining and losing huge chunks of weight. What a roller coaster. It was killing my self-esteem, and frankly, I was miserable. How could I be so good at all these other meaningful things in life and have an issue with my body? 

Those initial years as a coach were wild. It opened my eyes to all of the ways I wanted to serve. I learned so much about myself becoming a business owner, coach, and thought leader. Even though running a coaching practice had rough moments in the early days, I valued the journey.

I had no idea how powerful my coaching tools would be until my life changed dramatically.

In 2021, it was clear that my 40-year marriage was coming to a close. I left this relationship clear-headed, respectful, and wholehearted — honoring my needs and respecting that this change was best for our well-being 

But seriously, how does a woman who has been married since she graduated from college navigate this change? 

👉 Here’s how: Intentionally with a boatload of grace, self-compassion, and importantly — support.

  • I leaned into the work I so deeply treasured from my own coaching. 
  • I hired coaches who helped me to process this massive shift compassionately and insightfully (Psst. all great coaches have coaches). 
  • I learned to process emotion in a new, more effective, healing way. Surprisingly, this created gorgeous momentum in all areas of my life. 
  • I discovered how to be more vulnerable and created a supportive network of coaches and dear friends.
  • I honored what I most desired in my life and stepped in!

I was blessed with immense freedom. My kids are grown, and I have the financial resources to create an abundant lifestyle thanks to running my own business for years. Craving city life and a diverse community, I was curious about high-rise living. I created a stunning space for my business and a new life where I walk just about everywhere and live in a vibrant neighborhood (thank you, Midtown Atlanta).

I recognize the privilege of having quick access to resources like excellent coaching — and for that, I’m so thankful. The key to creating one of my best business years and supportive, nurturing relationships in my new life was learning to honor the tough emotions.

When I observed my emotions in this new light, I uncovered patterns of thinking and being that weren’t serving me. 

I could finally move forward with so much power, clarity, and ease. 

What a f*cking miracle!

I had always been great at mindset work, and now, I was honoring something new. I stopped compartmentalizing and ignoring my emotional responses. I chose an identity that worked for me as a mother and a wife, and now, I needed to shift to grow into this new leadership space.

Here I was, thinking I had been graceful toward myself before, but WOW, it was like the Grinch’s heart, the practice of self-compassion x5. This was rocket fuel for my courage to try new experiences, create a lot of white space in my calendar, AND step all the way into life and be clear about the work I want to do and what my business represents. 

So far, it’s been a wild, dazzling ride of welcoming healthy relationships and taking adventurous and vibrant solo vacations. Running a mostly virtual business has been a delight and joy.

Curious about these transformational tools?

What if slowing down and creating some space to actually think, process, and decide what’s next is all you need?

I get it. Slowing down might feel unnatural for you, too. And now, with more teammates, clients, and opportunities, it’s difficult to even wrap your head around where to start. 

Consider this… 

What if life’s disruptions and enormous growth are the path to what you most desire?

The key is traveling with models and mentors to push our edges and keep us from lingering in the safety zone.

I’d be honored to be your guide and edge-pusher.