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Old About Me KEEP

Hello! I’m Diana!

Wife, mother, workshop leader, speaker and most of all, a coach and a podcaster now.   I’m a geek about sports, and I love my new seats at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Ultimately, I’ve always been about the work of helping people to be their best and to accomplish their goals. I love working with clients and colleagues that are all about getting things done and do their work with high integrity. Ok, I admit I might be a little bit of an overachieving, type-A person.

In my coaching, I help my clients to slow down and create a compassionate space around how they are taking care of their health. I start where it all begins, their mind, and help them to reframe the way they look at food, appetite, energy, and their results. I create personal coaching plans for each client so that their goals and intentions are met.


I had my own health and weight struggle. I started dieting at a very young age and have tried all sorts of crazy exercise plans and fad diets. I have experienced a complete turnaround in my life by applying what I teach in my practice. I lost over 30 pounds permanently, after being a professional yo-yo dieter. I am no longer preoccupied with diets and exercise plans. I’ve got a business to run and I love to be without this distraction!

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(My call with Diana) allowed me to listen to my body and give myself permission to rest, establish a new morning ritual, and be a curious and compassionate observer when I would ordinarily be blaming, shaming, and spinning in my own drama.”  Amy–Wisconsin


Diana Murphy Interview I was recently interviewed on Business Authority Radio. Listen here: