Diana Murphy, Executive CEO Coach


Diana Murphy is a life coach and mindset coach for CEOs.  She loves helping overwhelmed CEOs and Entrepreneurs grow to reach their business goals while they taking brilliant care of their health and life.  Diana coaches her clients to achieve their life and business goals by learning how to handle the obstacles that are inevitable along the way. 

Diana’s practice has moved from solely a weight loss practice and now incorporates wellness as one of her pillars.  Diana utilizes the tools of mindset and personal coaching conversations to help her clients to establish, clarity confidence and life giving practices into their work and daily living.  

I have learned that I am in control of my future.  I can create the business that I dream of, I can enjoy the relationships in my life that are important and I can realize all the dreams of travel and achievement.  Why? Because I have learned to stay committed to what is important no matter what and see when some of my old patterns get in the way.

We often will say that we are getting in our own way.  It is so true, but what most of us have not learned to do is to out of the way and move forward.  I’ve learned that it must start with not only self-compassion but curiosity. Not the type self-compassion where I say it’s ok to give up on my goals, no. The type that knows that I’ll take brave steps if I believe in myself.  

Curiosity is an amazing and powerful tool.  I’m still learning that when I stay curious about what is not going well in my life or my business, curiosity busts the judgment my brain offers and creates inspired solutions.  

I’ve invested the time, taken brave action but at the foundation of my success is how I take care of my physical health.  I’m learning that self-care is the best business plan. I have learned to eat in a powerful and intuitive way, keeping the weight off but also creating energy to work as hard as I do.  

I now trust my decisions around my business in a way that I NEVER DREAMED was possible.  It’s so freeing, I don’t have to think hard about this, it has become very natural after investing in some new habits and great tools.  

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