Pouya Haidari 5.5.23

Listen to this high energy interview with Pouya Haidari.  He specializes in sales but has so much to share about his journey as an owner.  Pouya shares that one of his personality traits was being stubborn by nature.  That stick to it mentality has really given him great success.

I most loved hearing about his early departure from corporate because he KNEW this didn’t fit him.  He learned to scale but also learned quickly as an owner the type of business model that worked best for him.  Prepare to be inspired.


Honor that leap of faith and desire to do something different EVEN if it doesn’t look like everyone.

Age has no bearing on when you become a business owner.

“The hardest, most challengings decisions have been the BEST ones in my life.”

Being stubborn can pay off in business ownership, but so can curiosity.

Pouya came upon a lot of success of being perseverant but also staying curious at the same time.

Other’s advice doesn’t always sync with what we are to do as owners, nor how we want to run things.  

Our way IS the way.

Learning along the way with failures, success and insight are THE growth engine. 

Your confidence comes from doing (taking risks) and seeing (evaluating the results).

Make sure your decisions align powerfully with your vision.  

Listen in to learn a non salesy way to SELL.

Your potential is limitless.

You can contact Pouya and learn more on his website:  https://www.pouyahaidari.com/

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