Creating No Regrets Just Joy with insightful coaching. One of my favorite coaches, Caryn Gillen, invited me to be coached on her podcast. Yup, live coaching, no prepared script and it was a great session for me on a day I really needed it.  I’m sharing this with you today because I am still benefiting myself from listening to it. Let me know if you do as well. To benefit from this episode:

Listen in to see in real time what a powerful coaching conversation is.

Listen in as Caryn asks questions and answer them for yourself.

See spaces where you’re getting insight and a new way to look at the decisions you’re making.

This is how I’m getting to a space in my life and work:  No Regrets Just Joy!

Yes, coaches hire coaches. I think the best ones do!!!  Is it time for you to hire one?

Enjoy! Caryn coached me at a very pivotal time 3 years ago, in my coaching practice. She coaches me well here because she knows me but also because she is a great coach that asks the BEST questions. You can find Caryn on instagram and the web @caryngillen And her podcast The Remarkable Life is right here:

Takeaways For You

Can you honor what you feel compelled to do as a leader of your business?

Can you see where your own agreements/structures are getting in your way?

Can you start trusting yourself more deeply by honoring YOUR creative flow, choosing to have some white space and doing things differently? Even if it is just 2 hours a week!!!

What am I doing differently? How can I shift how I operate my business to honor this?

Choosing to be fully seen, what could that do for you or your team?

Evaluating my agreements and creating new ones

Staying in integrity with the work I’m doing and what I need

Honoring what I’m compelled to share

My Personal Sum Up:

Own that I can honor what I’m compelled to create

This is my business plan, I can operationalize how I’m wired to work and create.

This is generational change work, I can go first.  I’m doing things differently and that is a good thing.

Choose that being myself is not only enough but a powerful force. Want more?  Just shoot me an email and we’ll make sure you hear about my Master Classes and opportunitites for coaching.


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