This podcast introduces a fresh way of doing business for me. I’m bringing to the table conversations to inspire, clarify and embolden you to do what YOU know you’re called to do in the world. Yes, your business is a calling no matter what your actual business is.  And Leadership is brave…….welcome to the party! In this podcast: I will cover that one of my sources of shame growing up is actually around one of my biggest gifts and strengths-conversation. What to do if some parts of your business don’t fit anymore.

A conversation about why I’m bringing this new format to you now.

Questions to ponder:  

  • Is there a part of your life that doesn’t fit?  If so, can you give that some attention?  No big changes are required, giving yourself permission to entertain a change or a shift can give you the clarity you need to say Hell Yes I’m doing that or no not now but if I shift this….that could change everything.
  • What got your attention as I shared this journey of doing something new?  Is there one desire you can honor by just admitting that you want it?
  • Is there something you do that actually brought criticism before in your life?  Interesting, isn’t it?    

These were some of the questions I was asking as I grew through this recent journey in my life.  I hope you’ll be encouraged to honor your heart here as well.

Would you love to join me for a candid and important conversation in our industry?  Just email me  Let’s Chat. Welcome to The Leaders Table A podcast for leaders who are learning that life doesn’t have to be so hard. 

 Listen in on candid, supportive, and future-focused conversations. Conversations are rocket fuel because they ignite ideas and create a safe space for stories that support others. Join Diana, a life and mindset coach, as she shares the table with colleagues who are innovating while serving their communities.

Grab your coffee and lean into a new, vibrant way of living and leading as a business owner. Whether a solo episode or an interview, you’ll walk away with supportive insight and tools you can plug into your life now.


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