Annabelle Chamberlain and I had a profound conversation about transforming the way we handle grief. Both of us are from the Life Coach School and we talked about personal experiences and professional insights into managing grief beyond the conventional understanding.

Annabelle shared her journey through the grief of losing her father and how it propelled her into specializing in grief coaching, focusing on helping others regain control over their emotions, reconnect with themselves, and enhance their productivity and passion amidst pain.

We talked about the societal attitudes towards grief, the physical and psychological impacts of grief, and practical strategies for working through it, such as self-compassion, understanding brain changes during grief, the importance of rest, and employing warmth and comfort for healing.

Listen as we uncover the power of embracing grief to fuel personal growth and the generational shift towards a healthier, more open approach to managing emotional challenges.


01:35 Exploring Grief Beyond Loss: Annabelle’s Professional Insight

06:21 The Science of Grief: Understanding Brain Changes

09:09 Practical Advice: Navigating Life and Productivity Through Grief

16:54 Personal Stories and the Power of Self-Compassion

22:37 Finding Your Inner Child in the Healing Process

24:22 Embracing Emotional Wisdom: A Personal Journey

24:49 The Power of Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

25:25 Navigating Life’s Challenges with Emotional Intelligence

25:39 A Wedding Day Lesson: Embracing the Unexpected

27:56 The Transformative Power of Acknowledging Emotions

28:01 Navigating Divorce and Emotional Growth

31:56 Practical Tools for Emotional Healing and Growth

34:37 The Healing Power of Physical Comfort and Self-Care

38:34 Embracing Grief as a Path to Joy and Healing

41:54 Rethinking Grief: A New Approach to Life’s Challenges

46:13 Conclusion: The Journey of Emotional Resilience

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