Welcome back to “The Leaders Table.”  I’m your host, Diana Murphy, and today’s episode is truly special. Joining me is the incredible Kristen Rocco, who specializes in bold and noteworthy branding, —a theme that resonates deeply with my own journey into more vulnerable, authentic business practices.

Kristen and I first crossed paths at a networking dinner, and it was instantly clear that we shared similar values and experiences. Today, we dive into the concept of the “Midlife Click” versus the midlife crisis. This idea, brought to the table by Kristen, explores how significant life transitions can lead to powerful moments of clarity and transformation, rather than crisis.

We also unpack the nuances of branding, the importance of aligning your business with your personal values, and how to make bold moves that resonate with your core identity. Kristen’s approach to marketing focuses on building nurturing relationships between brands and their audiences, a philosophy that has significantly influenced my own branding experiences.

Lastly, Kristen shares the “Bold Moves Recipe,” a framework she’s developed from her own experiences and those of her podcast guests, which includes understanding your desires deeply, leveraging your relationships (the ‘who’), and taking decisive action.

This episode is for anyone standing at the crossroads of a significant life decision, contemplating their next big move. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, or someone exploring your next chapter, there’s something in this conversation for you.

For more on Kristen’s work and to dive into the world of impactful branding, visit KristenRocco.com. And for those of you new to the podcast, welcome to the table. This is where we have the conversations we’re all dying to have and make the bold moves we’re all dying to make.

Thank you for joining us at “The Leaders Table.” Remember, your journey is as significant as the destination. Embrace it, and make your next move boldly.

01:11 Diving into Midlife Crisis vs. Midlife Click

02:43 Kristen Rocco’s Journey: From Corporate to Bold Entrepreneur

04:26 The Power of Branding and Making Bold Moves

07:10 Introducing the Bold Moves Podcast and Its Impact

11:06 Unpacking the Midlife Click Phenomenon

16:54 Research Insights: Midlife Crisis Revisited

23:21 Navigating Career Transitions with Courage

27:12 Unlocking Curiosity and Energy Shifts

28:32 Embracing Change and the Power of Coaching

30:11 The Entrepreneurial Leap: From Layoff to Launch

31:01 Building a Bold and Noteworthy Brand

34:08 The Midlife Click: From Crisis to Clarity

39:24 Defining Success on Your Own Terms

41:52 The Power of Alignment and Bold Moves

46:41 Connecting and Sharing Bold Stories

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