In today’s episode, I will let you in on some of the  paths to embracing personal growth and business transformation.  

On my journey of becoming single after 40 years of marriage, I learned the importance of self-love, identity shifts, and creating a supportive social life. 

Initially uncomfortable, I challenged societal norms and expectations, emphasizing the need to honor my emotions and create a healthy relationship with myself. 

This practice of honoring my real felt experience applies to how ALL OF US experience life and growth.  

As a business owner, being single brings its own challenges. The remedy — you guessed it — self-love and compassion.  Transitions that are tough, yes, offering yourself grace, self-love and compassion are so. powerful and effective for your growth of stepping into what is next.  

Listen in and discover: 

  • How to honor your singleness and understand its deeper meaning

  • The shift to help you find joy in the middle of a big identity shift

  • The story about how I took myself on two big solo trips (and how I do this today!)

  • The key to learning how to trust your intuition

  • How to create beautiful boundaries and lead from your heart

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