Listen into this vibrant and encouraging discussion with owners Chantel and Mwale.  They run the League of Experts community.  Of course their work is right up my alley, they LOVE helping owners lean into their unique edge & genius as they grow their businesses.  


You can meet your husband and business partner at the same time.  What a beautiful love and life story they share on how they met at a Las Vegas business conference.

Follow your gut and confirm your choices, and your relationships with mature synergistic conversations.

Embrace your differences, your uniqueness not sameness is a contribution.

Honor your calling what you are made to do

As experts, our professional training can get in our way as we start marketing and building our business.

Identifying what your Unique Service Proposition is key to growth

Ask the question: what impact do you want to make, why are you opening your business, who do you want to serve?

Look at your business at a 10,000 ft view, reconnect to your brilliance.  This is how Mwale and Chantel rescue your genius!!!

How? Clear on your idea, Clear on Sales and then lean into PR and Marketing.  This Is the Mastery/Monetization and Momentum pillars they use in their business.

Last but not least DO NOT WAIT to do the thing, open that business or try a new idea or product.


With 15 years of combined experience in the consulting and publicity industry, Mwale and Chantel have successfully guided over 1,300 people on their writing journey.  As leaders, Mwale and Chantel understand the challenges that many experts face when it comes to creating core intellectual property and turning it into a successful product or service.

Known as the “Book Boss,” Mwale is passionate about helping experts leverage their knowledge to increase sales while expanding their business using their intellectual property.

Chantel Henry is a highly requested speaker and transformational coach. She has taken her message of resilience around the globe as she helps others use their story and expertise to increase their success and significance. Community  Link

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