No Regrets-Just Joy Series

I struggle with what I am sharing with you today.  I did not have a natural way of processing emotion. I have been great my entire life at stuffing it. In today’s episode I share the HOW of processing emotion and the WHY it is important. There is joy and insight on the other side, I promise.  Our natural reaction is to avoid emotion, especially the really uncomfortable ones.  Listen in on this episode on how powerful and insightful it can be to learn to stay with and process emotion instead.  From compartmentalisation to an embodied experience is how I am moving through challenges with more ease.  I want this for you too! This is all about Cultivating Awareness in ALL Circumstances

Processing Emotion in Real Time Talking Points

  • Awareness

  • New Level of Self-Compassion

  • Process Emotions & Walk Through with More Ease vs Stuffing or Resisting

  • Behind the Curtain

  • Trust More Deeply

  • Honor Your Desires

  • Recognize Your Red Flags

  • Honest Conversations

When is this work helpful?

Making Big Moves in Your Life: Identity Shifts

When you shift how you are doing life:  from corporate to running your own practice, empty nesting, making more money, doing anything new. Lean into Radical Honesty with yourself first

Hold space to experience opposing emotions at the same time

Do Not Wait until you Feel Better

When Life Circumstances are TOUGH

Divorce, death, any type of trauma (even the pandemic)

A Guide to navigate big emotions and grief (therapist, coaching)

Honoring these deep emotions can help to prevent anxiety

Journal identify what is going on and allow the emotions 

Rant!!!  Watch a sad movie

Slow down and allow the emotions to NOT get stuck in this emotion or story

There is no one right way to process grief or deep emotion

Why process emotion on purpose

Insight & Clarity

Letting go of Ugly Stories

Joy & Delight

A new strength in self

Daily Practice

2 Word Check In

Feelings Wheel

“Learn to drop that shield, protecting you from your own emotions.  They are to be experienced and expressed.  This is internal vulnerability. This will serve you in so many ways. I promise.”  If this has worked powerfully for me I know it can work for you as well. Be in touch, join me for a quick check in chat:

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