Diana is back on the mic solo style!  This is a powerful episode where she shares how Overidentifying as a Business Owner is what got in my way of living a great life! Turns out that living a full life creates a full business. Take Aways:  How a Revenue Goal can get in the way of your great work

Focus on the Impact you’re making vs the gap in reaching your goals

Making Relationships a Priority vs IF I have extra time

Travel doesn’t take AWAY from your business it’s a HUGE value add

Turns out you can run a business and thrive AND have a great full life

Questions to ask yourself: Are you saying no to things because you always think, “I have to work” or “I can’t I’m running a business.”? Can you look behind your no’s and the thoughts behind it and lean into your LIFE and some TIME outside running your business?  Start small, start now. Want support, powerful conversations and learning to ask better questions so YOU too can Over Live instead of Over Work?  diana@dianamurphycoaching.com. I start with prospective clients with a quick (15 minutes)  get to know you phone call.  Schedule that here. 


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