I had an absolute blast interviewing the man behind this podcast.  Jeremy created the music for my podcast and produces every episode. He calls himself a sound designer.   I couldn’t wait to share this interview with you, his story of moving from a corporate space and creating a audio editing business of his own.  

The first thought Jeremy shared was that when he produced The Regret-proof podcast, he was triggered by some of the concepts I shared BECAUSE he too was experiencing what so many of my business owner clients face.

Listen in as Jeremy shares how he stepped  in fully as a business owner after working for Apple and a tech company.  He led  his own business through imposter syndrome and learned to run his business in a way that served him and his clients well.


It’s easy to sell when you LOVE what you do

Hard part knowing your value as you’re learning to run your business

You have to sell your business to your family as you invest early on

Less time (becoming a parent)  helped him be more productive

Step on the gas…..came from being more selective in projects he wanted to do 

VS taking everything on he could handle 

He matched his BEST work with people he wanted to work with, less was more.

Moved to sound effects, mixing vs creating music and scores after working on projects he found he loved

His unique edge:  set proper timeline expectations and guide clients through that process and delivered

His integrity showed up in how he honestly communicated timelines in a very deadline oriented industry. 

Learning that turning down work is a growth move

NO’s are our biggest growth tool.

Valuing your time with premium pricing was everything for him

Best surprise in business growth A REFERRAL from a REFERRAL…

The way you serve your current clients creates this ‘unexpected’ result.

What can you do without…..be careful of overlearning the tech and the systems or a new certification that goes beyond what you really need to serve clients.

How do you know, when to make a shift, when you love what you’re doing AND those you create for also are SO THANKFUL.

Learn from your Bad Decisions, reflect on what projects worked and which didn’t.  

Leaning into what you’re wired to do is everything!



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