There are so many nuggets in this vibrant interview.  Be sure to get to know VK and his work better by checking out his website.  His Ted Talk is great.

I loved the opportunity to interview VK, listening to his story of business building you learn so much about him.  VK teaches us something important, seeing our FULL potential.  Hint: it’s unlimited!

He built his business and helps others build their business with their passion vs having a focus on just revenue building.  He encourages his clients to give back in the communities where they do business as well as to the charities they hold dear to their heart.

Nuggets for you on this podcast:

  • Take big inspiration from others and distill it for your business.  Start taking risks
  • Start giving back now

  • Live with gratitude

  • Mindset created every opportunity for him.  He was open to all that came his way.  

  • Focus on the Present: Past is Fear; Future is Expectations.  The only thing that exists is what is in the present. 

  • Surrender to what is right here; don’t overreact to negative consequences.  

  • Be detached from results so you can focus on clients, your passion and moving through your challenges.

  • Shift overthinking into being humble and curious.  

  • Maintain high standards, your genius is what the world needs.

  • Create your future growth by how you show up today

  • Saying yes to being in a room with influential people is everything.  So much learning, inspiration and huge opportunity.  Dreamer Project Award where this played out for him.  

  • The power of White space: our best ideas come when we’re OFF OF WORK

  • Look for your Spark of Genius and GO!  Take the Lead and Go Forward

  • You don’t need a lot of money to start a business.  You need to start taking action on your business idea and the money will come if you are serving others and solving key problems for them.  

***Feeding 200 Children in India is VK’s favorite charity right now.


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