What you believe really matters especially around your own identity and self concept.  So today I’m jumping into: Are you in Employee or Owner mindset?  

Employee mindset in its most simplistic terms makes you feel like you feel like a victim of your own business, like you have a harsh boss that is making you work really hard. That is making you work all of the hours with no pay, blah blah blah. 

Owner mindset is so much more empowering and is where you might notice that you over loaded your calendar and are quite worn out by 5:30 and notice that you’re going to plan better next time.  Owner mindset remembers and is super proud of the clients that you have brought in the door.  Owner mindset is focused on serving your clients at a high level and making decisions that serve you and your clients in the best way ever.

If you’d LOVE to have the support of a coach while you run that amazing business of yours, hit me up.  I’d love to share with you how I work with clients and give you an opportunity to see if this is what you need right now. I work with growth mindset owners like yourself.

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