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What can you accomplish in 100 days?

I?ve been keeping track and my husband and I are on day #130 sheltering in place. SIGH??.

When the quarantine hit we had just returned home from a trip visiting my mom. It is not lost on me how lucky I was to get that visit in.

What can happen in 100 days? Or 130 days? A lot! Even when we are standing still, or staying at home.?

I?m not sure what made me think about it but I?m looking back on a 100 day experience I had way back in college. I literally traveled the surface of the world in 100 days!!! I was a student on Semester at Sea and had traveled through Japan, China, Singapore, India, Greece, and few spaces in between, in 100 days. I completed 12 semester hours of school, I met hundreds of amazing professors and students, I met amazing families in the countries I visited. I covered a LOT of ground, walked a lot of steps and grew up in many ways.?

Wow, I could have gone around the world in the time I?ve spent at home here?..in one place. 🙁

Well, here we are at day 130 and my mind wants to go to what I?ve lost, what hasn?t happened in this 2020 pandemic.?

But what if you and I look at what we have gained, even if it was a reluctant or tough lesson.?

I think it is VERY important for our human well being to take pause and realize how much WE HAVE DONE since March 13th when the world changed.?

If you do nothing else for yourself this week?.stop and take some time to notice and record what you HAVE accomplished, shifted, changed, handled, grown with, adapted to, took care of.?None of us signed up for this but all of us adapted in one way or another. I?d say we?re pretty damn resilient!!!

Our brain, because it thinks it is protecting us will always look at what we have lost, what has gone wrong.

For your sake, bend it in another direction and take stock of what you HAVE done.?It is the most powerful way to create what you desire in the next 100 days.

Yes, the world looks different but so are you, in the most powerful way ever.

Ask these questions (grab a journal if you?re so moved) Remind yourself of the good so you can build on it right now!!

  1. What are you insanely proud of in the last 100 days?
  2. What great things came out of CoVid quarantine for you?
  3. What did you handle that you NEVER dreamt you?d have to do or get used to during this time??

It?s a miracle how we?ve all gotten through, we?re pretty amazing, we humans.?

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